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We hope you’ll enjoy the work we offer you, and all your interactions with our office.


For your convenience, here is a quick set of instructions to refresh your memory about our procedures.



We ask that you check in with us once a week, on Fridays, with the days you will be available in the upcoming week.   You can call us at 212-856-9500 and speak to anyone on staff or you can email our placement team at


Please call or email us!  (Leave a detailed message if you call outside of business hours and you get our voicemail.)  You should also notify your contact at the temporary assignment unless otherwise instructed.  It is very important to communicate with us in case the client needs coverage while you are out.


Please see the “Documents” page of our website for a blank timesheet. Contact our office for the password to access this employees-only page. 


A few points to note:

The Week-Ending Date is always the upcoming Sunday.  Note on the timesheet whether you would like us to mail your check or hold it for you to pick up.  If you have direct deposit, you do not need to mark anything in this section.  Policies about lunch (when, how long) are set by the client company.  Please ask them, if we have not given you specific instructions. Typically, that time must be deducted from your daily total of hours worked.  Please make a copy of the completed signed timesheet for yourself and leave the original with the client.

After completing your timesheet, email it to our office at, fax it to us at (212) 856-4426, or take a smartphone photo and email it to us no later than 11:00 AM the following Monday (but preferably by day’s end on Friday).  Call us to confirm receipt if you have faxed your timesheet. Your check will be ready at noon on the following Thursday. 

PAYROLL PROCEDURE                       

Payday is at 12:00 noon on Thursdays for the previous week’s work.

Always mark your timesheet, indicating whether you will pick up your check or whether you would like us to mail it. If you have requested direct deposit and it has gone into effect, we will send your payroll receipt by postal mail.  Always email, fax, or send a smartphone photo of your signed timesheet to us on the day your assignment ends, or by the end of the workday on Friday, but not later than 11:00 AM on the following Monday.  Always call our office if you have faxed us, to confirm that we have received your timesheet.  Special Exception: Holiday weeks may have an early payroll deadline.  We will contact you in advance about early payroll deadlines.


We try to make it easy for you to be paid promptly and conveniently.  Always email, fax or send a smartphone photo of your filled out, signed timesheet on the day you complete an assignment, but no later than 11:00 AM Monday morning of the following week. Always call to be sure we’ve received your fax. If we have received your completed, signed timesheet, we will create a check for you. Then, you have three payroll options:

1.  Pick Up 

Pick up your check at any time after noon on Thursday. We are open from 9:00 AM –6:00 PM daily, Monday through Friday. 

2.  Mail

Have us mail your check to you.  Your check will be mailed on Thursday afternoon.

3.  Direct Deposit

It takes 1-2 weeks for our bank and yours to process your written direct deposit request. While you are waiting for direct deposit, be sure to let us know in writing on your timesheet each week whether you’ll be picking up your check or whether we’ll be mailing it to you.

Your payment will be deposited in your account on Thursday, payroll day. On Thursday we will postal mail you a confirmation showing the gross and net amounts of your earnings for the week and for the year-to-date, and a summary of the withholdings.

Please see the “Documents” page of our website for a direct deposit form.  (Contact our office for the password to access this employees-only page.)  If you would like to have your check deposited into a checking account, you must provide a personal check (or copy of the same) on which you have written “void” or a statement from your bank confirming your account and routing information along with your completed form.


All TSS temporary employees must read and sign-off on the TSS Handbook for Temporary Employees as well as return the signed Acknowledgments for Signature no later than 3 days after receiving that sign-off via email from our office.

Please see  the “Documents” page of our website to access these documents.  Contact our office for the password to access this employees-only page.